NSARDA members Dave Marsh and Mike Dermody [who are both also members of SARDA Ireland North] were asked to attend an ongoing river search near York, search for a missing male. Below is a report penned by Dave, giving a brief resume on the week ends events.

Saturday 19th March

‘Ring! Ring!’ What’s that you cry as you try to put your brain in gear. Yes readers, its one of those occasions to which we are all familiar with.

You have set the alarm for an early rise in order that you can arrive at your agreed destination, at the allotted time. You then keep checking the alarm clock
every time you wake up to see what time it is [normally every 45 mins].

So it was with our Water Search Dog handler Dave Marsh, who had been invited to attend an ongoing search in Selby with a meeting time of 08-00 hrs. On the way over, Dave collected his associate Mike Dermody and his dog Quincy to help in searching the River Ouse from Naburn down to Selby.

The aims of the search was to assist the Humberside Police Dive Team who were working on behalf of North Yorkshire Police in the search for a male who was last seen on the 19th Dec in York city centre.

With all search parameters completed for the day, Dave and Mike journeyed back home arriving at 15-30, where upon they planned for the next days search which will be covering the River Ouse from Selby downstream to Goole.

Sunday 20th March

The River Ouse search continued today with a start point at Selby Lock, with Mike and Quincy commencing their downstream search in the company of two members of Humberside Police Underwater Dive Team.

With Mike making his way on the river, Dave and Sasha were driving to a launch jetty at the day’s deemed mid point at Airmyn village. With all ensconced in the second boat, the upstream section of the river was searched with a meeting point somewhere midway. Following a lunch break, both boats travelled downstream eventually finishing up at Goole docks.

In total, some 36 linear miles of water were searched over the week end – all returning a negative result.
Sunday evening, Mike saw the following message on Facebook which is self explanatory :-

Rory Johnson is Missing

‘Once again we are indebted to the kindness of a volunteer search team, this time it was Dave Marsh and Mike Dermody and their professionally trained dogs, Sasha and Quincy – members of the Mountain Rescue Team Bolton.

They were assisting the North Yorks Police Underwater Search Unit from Humberside. These two teams have worked together over this weekend to search the River Ouse, yesterday {Saturday} from Naburn to Selby and today {Sunday} from Selby to Goole.

A huge thank you to everybody involved in this massive, professional task.

To meet in York with a morning start time of 8am, when one team travels from Hull and the other from Bolton, just goes to show the level of dedication they have to their work.

‘Thank You’.

Our boy was not found, thankfully, which means the little bugger is still out there somewhere! So please Son, get in touch.’

Mum, Dad Charlotte; family and friends.

Dave’s personal comment here – A rather touching very sad note to end on.

Footnote – Mike Dermody works for British Transport Police and is not a member of Bolton MRT unfortunately.

Both dogs were professionally trained and assessed under the auspices of Neil Powell [SARDA Ireland North] working to a set of standards drafted by Neil and agreed by the National Search and Rescue Dog Association and the Association of Chief Police Officers [ACPO].

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