Stuart Kenny & Sky

I’m one of the earliest members of the NSARDA Kent Association, which originally formed over 10 years ago. I’m still working with my first Air Scenting Level 3 Area Dog ‘Sky‘ (Hovaawart). Sky and myself first qualified back in 2010 and still love looking for missing people.

I am part of really great team of people that training every other Sunday throughout the year, whatever the weather, to keep our skills up and help the other search dogs as well as the new trainee dogs and handlers. We also train on many evenings during the working week as well.

I was the secretary for more years than I can remember but have recently had to give up that role as I have been voted in as the Chairman of NSARDA, the national association. I am really enjoying this opportunity to help develop and grow the organisation as well as work with everyone involved, in order to train and qualify search dogs that deploy all over the UK, Eire and the Isle of Man.

As an extremely active member of Kent Search And Rescue ( I also have to give time as a Search Manager as well as being the training officer of this brilliant team of people that deploy to Kent Police to find vulnerable missing persons.

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