Feedback from Attendees of the NSARDA Conference

The following is a personal report by Bolton MRT Trainee team member Chris Weatherhead, who alongside our Training Officer Dave Marsh and Team member David Cook attended the NSARDA One Day Conference on Saturday 19th October 2013.

“The NSARDA conference in Leyland, has been absolutely fantastic.

Before attending I wasn’t quite sure what to expect and having seen the itinerary thought I may be in for a day of death by power point!

It was far from it, with the mix of topics covered helping to make it an extremely well balanced day. The topics ranged from how dogs learn and how drowned victim search dogs work through to how a search dog team has been established in Korea! All of the lectures were extremely interesting and have helped me gain a far more thorough understanding of the use of search dogs, especially the drowned victim search dogs.

Everyone was very friendly, even providing advice on how to stop an annoying habit my own dog has developed. The exhibitors where also very friendly and non-pushy!

“It was a great day and I will definitely be keeping my eyes open for the next one in 2 years’ time.  Thanks.”

Chris Weatherhead, Bolton MRT

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