International Cooperation for the Search and Rescue of Missing Children

The Chairman and Secretary of NSARDA, International Rescue Dogs have met with the President of the organization “The Smile of the Child“, Kostas Giannopoulos, to discuss a mutual cooperation regarding the search and rescue of missing children.

The Smile of the Child” is the body in Greece, with  the approval of the Greek police, that operate AMBER ALERT HELLAS, which is the National Program Coordinating timely and accurate notification to the public where minors have disappeared or been abducted.

Also, “The Smile of the Child” in 2012 took the initiative and set up the search and rescue team “Thanassis Makris” with the cooperation of the Police, Fire Services and Coast Guard, to establish certified volunteer organizations such as the Greek Rescue Team, the Samaritans Volunteer, Rescue and Lifesaving and the Greek Red Cross.

The Group’s aim is to coordinate, at the operational level, the actions to be taken in the case of missing children in the urban or rural environments. Everyone involved put all the instruments, skilled human resources and expertise available to the Group, which has as its main purpose the immediate response and activation of stakeholders, as well as the optimal use of existing resources.

There are currently a total of eight Canine Teams in Urban Research and the search and rescue team have seven Canine teams certified in the specialty of tracking and the specificity of mass disasters.

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