SARDA Isle of Man

The Search & Rescue Dog Association – SARDA Isle of Man, (SARDA IOM) is a Manx Registered Charity and is a full member of the National Search & Rescue Dog Association (NSARDA).Our handlers and navigators are unpaid volunteers and members of the Isle of Man’s Emergency Services that make up the IOM Search & Rescue Group, a member of the Mountain Rescue Council of England and Wales. SARDA Isle of Man relies solely on donations from the public and from organisations, both on and off the Isle of Man.Because of the dramatic contrasts in the Isle of Man, from rugged coastline through to hill and mountain, forestry, beaches, cliffs and lowland rural areas, as many of these different types of terrain as possible are planned into the training to give the handlers and dogs as many search experiences as possible. NSARDA-Isle-of-man-Logo-Small

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