The Final National Training Before the Summer Break

final national training

The final national training before the summer break took place in Wicklow last weekend. Three dogs were unable to take part due to injuries, so 1 qualified dog, 4 trainee dogs and a trainee trailing dog attended. The weather was very warm on Saturday, so areas were made a bit smaller and there was a stream nearby for the dogs to cool off in afterwards.
Trainee dogs Mani and Ziggy worked through the search areas while trainee dogs Bert and Simba did shorter run-outs (their first stages of training). In addition, Ziggy (pictured) successfully passed both his stock test at a local sheep farm and his obedience test on Sat. Well done Ziggy!

After a bit of rain on Saturday night, Sunday was cooler with stronger winds, so Mani and Ziggy got bigger areas to work on and Bert and Simba continued with their run-outs.
As well as the dogs and their handlers, there was a strong attendance of dogbodies (people who hide in the search area to be found by the dogs) with some people attending for the first time. Many thanks to everyone! Also thanks to the Glen of Imaal Mountain Rescue Team for the use of their base for our meeting on Saturday evening.

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